As you probably already know, health authorities have issued several recommendations and hygiene measures these days to deal with the spread of the coronavirus. These measures are mainly related to personal hygiene and our behavior in public places.

But what hygiene measures at home can I take?

The measures that the authorities have published are as follows: wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes, keep a minimum distance of one meter from people who cough or sneeze, cover up mouth and nose with a handkerchief or elbow if you sneeze or cough …

And one of the most important things is to stay home. So, now that we are going to be spending time in our house, it is very important to know what hygiene measures we can take in our house to make it a healthier and safer space.

Nettoie les boutons, interrupteurs ou portes de placard

Always keep the surfaces you come in most daily clean with. Think, for example, of doorknobs, light switches or closet doors.

All of these things that we touch several times a day. Make sure to keep it all clean and disinfected with good soap. If you deem it necessary, you can use gloves to clean these parts of the house.

How to disinfect my mobile?

And don’t forget your cell phone, tablet, or laptop, things you usually take out of your home. To clean your devices, you can follow, for example, Apple’s recommendations.

The company recommends disinfecting devices with a 70% alcohol wipe for hard surfaces such as the screen or keyboard, in any case, always outside the device.

Hygiene in the kitchen, essential for a safe home

Change pads and scouring cloths regularly. In fact, it is something that should be done in all situations, however clean they may be, they normally contain bacteria.

And in general, try to keep the kitchen as clean as possible, including the dishes. If you are using a dishwasher, set it to very high temperatures. Do the same with the washing machine, always with very hot water. And avoid shaking clothes before washing them.

Measures to take in the bathroom

As with the rest of the house, try to keep your bathroom as clean as possible. Continue your normal cleaning routine, but pay close attention to some of your personal items.

For example, if you live with more people, it would be nice if the toothbrushes weren’t together. It is also important that you change the towels very regularly and even that each person in the house has their own towel not only for the shower but also for the hands.

Keep in mind that these are all basic household hygiene tips that should always be followed in any situation. Keeping the house clean will always help protect us from pathogens.