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Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, about 25 kilometres off the eastern mainland coast, Koh Samui is the main island of Chumphon Archipelago surrounded by about 85 islets. Some 25 kilometres at its widest point and 230 square kilometres, it is the jewel of the gulf and the Chumphon Archipelago. Koh Samui has a warm and slightly humid tropical savanna climate, with an average 28°C all year long and a two month-average wet season, much shorter than other parts of the south of Thailand. The island has seen major developments during the past few decades that make it one of the top destinations for tourism, foreign residence and investment in Thailand while preserving its original beauty. Equipped with modern transports and a rapidly developing international airport, it has become a joyous and cosmopolitan paradise on earth Koh Samui (or just Samui, as it is often called) has been a sought-after destination for anybody wanting to invest in real estate in Thailand for rent or other or just to buy a house to call home or for vacations. With its rich and diverse property market and numerous estate agencies, from house to apartment, Kho Samui properties offer variety in design, environment and configuration. Luxurious real estate is available for the discerning buyer. Koh Samui’s real estate market holds key differences from other markets in Thailand that make it more protected and exclusive. Attracting a higher number of well to do visitors then other parts of Thailand, Koh Samui offers everything needed to live a luxury lifestyle whilst still preserving its environment and natural beauty. Recent years have seen many luxury international hotel chains invest in Samui, assuring yet further a promising investment future. Major investors in Samui are UK and Hong-Kong expatriates looking for a holiday home or investment opportunities in the rental market. However, buyers from all-over South-East Asia, Australia and Europe are also convinced by the exclusive mix of luxurious lifestyle, exoticism and the relatively inexpensive property prices when compared to their own markets or other destinations. The recent influx of Chinese visitors has also attracted a growing number of mainland Chinese investors. Unique building laws limiting construction height to 3 floors and 12 meters and a suspension of licences to condominium guarantee protection of the island from high-rise and concrete environments widely seen in other Thai destinations. The Koh Samui real estate market may just be at the beginning, but prior large investments by major players and a wider range of investors ensure continuing and strong growth. This all makes for the uniqueness of Koh Samui in general and of its property market in particular.Thai laws being quite specific concerning real estate ownership according to your residency / nationality status, it is imperative for the prospective buyer to be very well advised and guided by a top professional estate agency. Indeed, finding one’s way through the quirks and intricacies of Thailand’s real estate laws requires specialised knowledge. Conditions of ownership for foreigners of Thai properties, potential legal entities to be set-up to secure the sale, knowing all the taxes and fees afferent to a sale and, more generally, in-depth knowledge of Koh Samui real estate is a must have before buying Samui properties for sale. A top real estate agent will be invaluable and make sure you avoid all the pitfalls, have an enjoyable experience with Thailand properties in general and Samui property ownership in particular. Seeing a house or property for sale in Samui is one thing, finding the right Samui estate agency to guide you through it is another.

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Seeing a house or property for sale in Samui is one thing, finding the right Samui estate agency to guide you through it is another.

Ownership of a house in Thailand for a foreigner can be complicated since he or she cannot buy land directly. The best way to do that at present is to set up a new private company. They are allowed to buy land (contrary to foreigners themselves). The goal being to create a company with mixed Thai and foreign ownership. Foreign ownership must be no higher than 49% of the company but the foreign national can still control the company by either assigning greater shareholder voting rights to the foreign partner(s), having the shareholders hand out control of the company to the foreigners acting as directors or even through a legal power of attorney. This very effective and legally secured route to ownership of a house for sale in Samui is one of the preferred and time-tested ways to do so. Here you can see the fundamental reason why you should address yourself not to any estate agency in Samui but the right estate agency Samui Real Estate Agency IS your partner for buying property in Koh Samui. Specialising in the best real estate offers, luxury homes, second homes and luxury villas, discover superior class finishes designed by our best architects. Retiring in Thailand or investing in ultra-profitable realestate, Koh Samui will be your new paradise.

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